Our Mission

Jesus Christ came to seek and save the lost, so our mission is no different.

It is only through the Gospel of Jesus that we have life, so we aim to share that life-giving message with as many people as possible and then grow together as the body of Christ, fully devoted to our Lord and Savior. To live a better story with power, passion, and purpose; a better way, a better life!

Our Commitment

Cross Pointe Church is committed to being a healthy, vibrant fellowship focused on developing and deploying spirit-empowered leaders to transform, heal, and disciple people to live a better story.

Our Vision

Cross Pointe Church is a place for all people on a journey of hope and purpose through the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.

CP Core Values

  • We Value


    Our Spirit-filled journey to be like Jesus.

  • We Value


    Living by Biblical truths.

  • We Value


    Connecting with God, daily.

  • We Value


    Connecting through authentic relationships.

  • We Value


    Generously giving our time, talents, and resources.

  • We Value


    Help for today, hope for tomorrow.

  • We Value


    Developing new ways to engage people.

  • We Value


    Evangelizing people both near and far.

  • We Value


    Going above and beyond.

  • We Value


    Celebrating the one true God.