Brad Myers

Lead Pastor

Brad is originally from Salem, Ohio and was raised in a loving, Christian home by a single mother. His mother was a talented soloist and was active in the music ministry. The family requirement was regular church attendance. At a young age, Brad made the commitment to follow Christ. As he grew, he felt the tug at his heart for ministry while attending college at Bowling Green State University. Brad embarked on a successful entrepreneurial career launching multiple business ventures including the Academy for Advanced Leadership Training, LLC (, a coaching and leadership consultancy alongside Ingelix, a hiring and retention platform. ( Brad also served as CEO of an early stage company and also a large, global enterprise.

Brad’s personal mission is to serve and advance God’s most precious creation: His People! Brad is a frequent preacher, public speaker, and guest university lecturer where he imparts the leadership principle “Unity Drives Success.” He is ordained with the General Council of the Assemblies of God (, serving them since 1999. Brad is married to Nicole, Cross Pointe’s Worship Pastor, and they have 4 children: Zach, Alyssa, Brayden, and Brennan.